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Cases of Adverse Reactions to Medications



Al-Bayati MA. Analysis of Causes That Led to Eliza Jane Scovill's Cardiac Arrest and Death.  Medical Veritas; Vol. 2 (2):567-581, 2005. http://www.justiceforej.com/ej-medveritas.pdf


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Al-Bayati MA. Analysis of causes that led to bleeding, cardiac arrest, and death in the case of baby Nadine.

Medical Veritas; Vol. 3 (2): 997-1012, 2006.          http://www.justiceforej.com/BabyNadine(Bayati).pdf      


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Al-Bayati MA.  Analysis of causes that led to Baby Robert's respiratory arrest and death in August of 2000.Medical Veritas; Vol. 1 (2):179-200, 2004 http://www.toxi-health.com/Man179_2001-Baby-Robert.pdf


 Al-Bayati MA.  A case of medically unjustified treatment with multiple mega doses of vitamin C with thyroid hormones that caused serious adverse reactions in a woman. Medical Veritas; Vol. 4 (1): 1235-43, 2007.

Case location: California




Al-Bayati MA. Analysis of causes that led to rib and skull fractures, sudden illness, intracranial bleeding, and death in the case of toddler Roman Pitts. Medical Veritas; Vol. 5  (1), 1573-88, 2008.  






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